Hey y’all. I have decided to move this blog, well its contents at least,  to a new place.  I am doing a weird thing.. moving to Blogger.. people tend to go the other way and move from Blogger to WordPress (self hosted).. not me. So why the move you ask? For my own good.  I… 

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Still kicking and breathing..


I am sitting here at work, with a bowl of soup in front of me, at a messy desk with a to do list waaay waay too long and  I have just noticed that it has been a month since my last post. Wow! So I thought I would pop a quick one in and… 

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Piecing it all together


As per my last post, I am trying to draft a pattern for a skirt for myself, I even drew up a croquis (pronounced croak-ee) with a design I had in mind.  I managed to draw up the pattern and sew up a toile/muslin yesterday. But whilst sewing up the toile/muslin, I wondered in what… 

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